Speciality Solutions

Downhole Drilling (MWD)

Downhole drilling offers one of the most extreme environments an electronic system could face. Power supplies routinely see temperatures of hundreds of degrees Celsius, as well as severe shock and vibration.   Prime Power has developed products to function in these extremely hostile conditions. Please contact Prime Power Directly if this is a requirement for your power supply.



Prime Power has developed custom power supply designs, which meet the stringent requirements of SO-160 as well as the requirements for lightning strike protection of 400V/400A. Prime Power’s power supplies meet the AC input requirements of DO-160 along with the variable frequency requirements for power factor correction. Please contact Prime Power Directly if this is a requirement for your power supply.

HV Laser Application

Prime Power’s High Voltage Series of DC/DC converters was designed for missile applications where high voltage is needed to operate an on board laser. These high voltage DC/DC converters require no external components in order to function properly. Prime Power’s High Voltage Series is designed to run over a wide temperature range of -55C to +85ºC with no deterioration. Please contact Prime Power Directly if this is a requirement for your power supply.v


Obsolescence Mitigation

Solving Power Supply Obsolescence and Reliability Issues In Legacy Systems

Executive Summary

  • Prime Power is a woman owned small business that was founded in 1992 for the express purpose of providing top quality power conversion products (AC to DC and DC to DC) for the defense and aerospace industries.
  • Prime Power has products currently in use on many mission critical platforms for the military, including radios, munitions, tanks, aircraft, and nuclear submarines.
  • Prime Power has been approached by several branches of the Military requesting a solution to issues of obsolescence in existing systems.
  • It is typically, a situation in which they need to keep existing systems in the field, although the systems power supplies are at the end of their useful life, and need replacement.
  • The system needs to be a form, fit and functional replacement.
  • Typically there is very little technical information on the original power supply. Due to it being designed by the original contractor of the system for the government, the government having little documentation on the power supply.
  • Prime Power has been successful in these situations, in part due to amassing a huge library of over 2000 designs over the last 20 years in business.
  • This enables Prime Power to quickly provide a solution, and prototype for the customer to test in their system.
  • Prime Power has fully qualified many products to meet or exceed military requirements for power supplies, thus enabling the ability to qualify by similarity on many projects.
  • Prime Power has put together typical scenarios of legacy systems we have seen, as well as how we are able to support the customer, with the goal of keeping the legacy systems in the field for another 30 years, to support the troops.

Obsolescence Issues:

  • Power Supply designed is discontinued by the manufacturer
  • Customer cannot get replacement parts to repair the power supply and keep it in the field
  • Power Supply has been in service beyond it’s rated life expectancy, causing reliability issues within the system.
  • Upgrade to legacy system requires additional power, that the legacy power supply cannot provide. This is often the case after hardware or software upgrades, added computing power required additional power from the power supply.
  • Legacy system needed Longer than the envisioned life expectancy, creating issues with electronics in the system, and added life expectancy.

Replacement Power Supply Issues:

  • No, or minimal specifications on original power supply.
  • No, or minimal money available to qualify a new power supply.
  • New power supply must be form, fit, and functional replacement.
  • Original power supply was a custom or modified power supply.
  • Limited technically qualified sources on staff to support this type of upgrade.
  • Willingness of original power supply designer to work with customer on this type of project.
  • Time constraints to qualify power supply, and enter it into use in the field.

Keys to Success of Legacy Power Supply Replacement

  • Any specs or information on the original power supply is needed to engineer a replacement.
  • Open dialogue with engineers and technicians in order to fill gaps in the limited information available.
  • Evaluation of a legacy power supply if it is available, functional or non-functional.
  • Establish cost objectives and a time line for engineering/manufacture of replacement power supply.
  • Opportunity to add new “lessons learned” features to new power supply.
  • Ensure new power supply will be available for the life expectancy of the system.
  • When new power supply is developed, and produced it needs to be put in a system, and evaluated by the customer, and power supply vendor, in a joint effort to find any final adjustments required for the power supply

Prime Power’s Ability to Support Legacy Power Supply Replacement

  • Prime Power designs and maintains power supplies for 20 years.
  • Prime Power maintains a library of up to 2000 designs to consult from, in order to devise solutions to custom power supply applications.
  • Prime Power has qualified modules, systems, and custom power supplies to all of the military requirements of MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-1399.
  • Prime Power has combat proven modules, systems, and custom power supplies with several armed services including, ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY, and MARINES.
  • Prime Powers products are designed to Navmat guidelines with reliability in mind, and offer high MTBF numbers.
  • Prime Powers approach of using proven modules and circuits minimizes development time, while mitigating the risk to the program.
  • Prime Power’s engineering staff has over 50 years of experience in military power supply requirements.
  • The majority of Prime Powers products can be qualified by similarity, since the products have already been qualified to the majority of the military requirements for power supplies.
  • Prime Power can provide a prototype for the customer to test in their system in a very short time.
  • Prime Power has done so many designs over the last 20 years, what some companies would consider a custom power supply, Prime Power can produce as a standard product.

Prime Power’s Legacy Power Supply Solution

  • Legacy system to be discontinued by the military, but they lack sufficient money or time to develop a replacement system, tasks program office/depot to keep system fielded for 20 more years.
  • Customer identifies a problem with the hardware which includes the necessity that one or more power supply must be replaced.
  • Prime Power visits customer, and reviews legacy system, and power supplies to be replaced.
  • Customer has minimal documentation/drawings on legacy power supply, mechanical constraints of the case, and I/O connectors.
  • Customer identifies enhancements to the system, such as, field reparability, voltage trimming, I/O monitoring, etc.
  • Prime Power tasked with replacing all 3 power supplies in the system
  • Prime Power prepares proposal for power supply, as well as a comparison to the existing system noting improvements ti the existing system.
  • Prime Power prepares detailed drawings of new power supply for the customer to approve.
  • Prime Power builds, thoroughly tests, and delivers new prototype power supply to the customer.
  • Prime Power works with the customers engineering, technical, and support staff to implement and test the new power supply in the customers system.
  • Prime Power then supports Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP), working with the customer on field production, including supporting the field replacement of power supplies.

Power Supply Comparison



  • Fixed output voltages
  • No output monitoring
  • Individually fused outputs
  • No resettable over current protection
  • Not field repairable
  • No input power indicator
  • Limited to 4U rack.
  • No spare parts available, spare parts must be ordered
  • No technical support from power supply manufacturer
  • Heavy, rugged design.



  • Trim-able output voltages
  • Front panel meter for each output (5)
  • Fused on input
  • Resettable over current protection
  • Easily repairable in field
  • Front panel input power indicator
  • Designed for 4U rack, down-sizable to 1U.
  • Upon request, spare parts can be included in chassis.
  • Prime Power will provide support for a minimum of 20 years.
  • Lightweight (up to 5x lighter than legacy), yet very rugged design.

Prime Power Contact Information

  • If you have an obsolescent power supply issue, please contact Prime power using one of the following options;
  • Email us at General@Prime-Power.com.
  • Call us at (603) 329-4675 Sales extension #12
  • Go to www.Prime-Power .com to fill out a Power Supply Questionnaire.
  • Prime Power encourages a visit to review an existing power supply, especially in cases where the existing power supply or system has little to no documentation.