Terms and Conditions


1. Terms of Agreement
The Purchase Order, together with these Terms and Conditions, and any attachments, specifications, drawings, instructions and other information, whether physically attached or incorporated by reference, constitutes the complete and final agreement between Buyer and the Seller identified in the Purchase Order. Buyer expressly objects to any terms or conditions different from or in addition to the terms of the Purchase Order, whether communicated orally, or contained in any order acknowledgment, quotation, invoice or any other documents modifying the Purchase Order. Any such modifications will not be binding upon Buyer unless accepted in writing by a Prime Power authorized representative. Seller’s electronic or written acceptance acknowledgment of the Purchase Order or commencement of performance constitutes Seller’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2. Delivery – Time is of the Essence
Seller shall not make delivery earlier than date shown without written consent of Buyer. If goods are shipped in advance of scheduled delivery date, Buyer may return them or store them at Seller’s expense. Acceptance by Buyer of late deliveries shall not relieve Seller of the obligation to make future deliveries on schedule.
Seller will immediately notify Buyer if delivery is delayed or is likely to be delayed for any reason. Buyer’s acceptance of Seller’s notice will not constitute Buyer’s waiver of any of Seller’s obligations.
Unless otherwise agreed, delivery shall be FOB point of destination. Title shall pass to Buyer upon acceptance at the final delivery point. Risk of loss or damages following shipment and prior to acceptance by Buyer shall be the responsibility of the Seller.

3. Packaging and Shipment
Seller will preserve, pack, package and handle the Products so as to protect from loss or damage and in accordance with standard commercial practices in absence of any specifications Buyer may provide. In the event the packaging is deemed to be inadequate by Buyer, the Seller shall make all mutually acceptable changes, at no additional cost, to rectify the packaging to a standard.
Seller will include with each delivery of Products a Packing List and a Certificate of Conformance (if applicable) identifying the Purchase Order number, the Buyer’s part number for each of the Products (if applicable), a description, the quantity of each of the Products, and the date of shipment.
Buyer’s Purchase Order number and Buyer’s part numbers must be plainly marked on all invoices, packages, bills of lading, certificate of conformance and any other documents.
Buyer’s count or weight will be final and conclusive on shipments.
Seller warrants that all shipments are made in strict compliance with all applicable Federal, State and Local hazardous materials laws and regulations.
Under no circumstances will charges be allowed for transportation, packing materials or handling unless stated in the Purchase Order. Seller’s shipping charges shall reflect discounts received by Seller from freight transporters.

4. Overshipments
Products delivered in excess of quantity specified may be retained by Buyer at no additional cost.

5. Changes
Buyer may, at any time prior to shipment, make changes in any one of the following: applicable designs, drawings or specifications, method of shipment orpacking and place or time of delivery. If a change causes an increase or decrease in the cost of or time required for Seller’s performance, an equitable adjustment shall be made. Seller will request in writing an equitable adjustment no later than fifteen days from Seller’s receipt of Buyer’s notification of change. Seller will proceed pending negotiation of an equitable adjustment and amendment of the Purchase Order.

6. Representations and Warranties
Seller represents and warrants that it has the full power to enter into the Purchase Order and to perform its obligations.
Seller will not disclose to Buyer, bring onto Buyers premises, or induce Buyer to use any confidential or proprietary information that belongs to anyone other than Buyer or Seller that is not covered by a non-disclosure agreement between Buyer and Seller.
Buyer warrants and represents to Seller that it has the full power to enter into the Purchase Order and to perform its obligations under the Purchase Order.
Seller expressly warrants that the Products are free from defects in design, workmanship, and material, shall conform to certifications, drawings, or other descriptions furnished or specified by Buyer and shall meet the performance requirements of the Purchase Order. In the event of non-compliance, Buyer may, at its option, retain the goods with an equitable price adjustment, have the Products repaired or replaced at the FOB delivery point, or return the Products at the Seller’s expense for refund or repair
Seller warrants that the price is as low as any price given to any other customers for like material and quality.
To the extent allowed by applicable law, no other warranties are made, either expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

7. Price and Payment
Unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Order, the price for the Products includes all taxes and other charges. Seller will, at Buyer’s request, itemize pricing for all such taxes and other charges in its invoices.
Buyer will pay Seller the price set forth in the Purchase Order within the time-frame negotiated with that Seller following the later of:
The date of Buyer’s acceptance of all Products.
Buyer’s receipt of a properly prepared invoice, which must include the Purchase Order number and Buyer’s part numbers.
Payment will be in United States currency and if not, Buyer will determine the local currency equivalent of the price as of date of payment. Buyer may at any time offset any amounts Seller owes Buyer against any amounts Buyer owes to Seller or any of its affiliated companies.

8. Cancellation
Buyer may at any time terminate the Purchase Order for its convenience or for Seller’s breach, in whole or in part. If the Purchase Order is terminated for Seller’s breach of the Terms and Conditions, or failure to make sufficient progress, Seller shall have no claim against Buyer for any costs incurred or any profit with respect to the terminated or canceled portion of the Purchase Order. The Seller will be liable for all damages allowed in law or equity, including the excess cost of reprocuring similar Products. If the Purchase Order is terminated for Buyer’s convenience, Seller will be compensated to the extent that Products have been accepted by Buyer prior to the effective date of termination. Other than to this extent, Buyer shall not be liable to Seller for any damages on account of its failure to accept all of the Products ordered.

9. Right of Inspection and Rejection
Products supplied by Seller shall be received subject to Buyer’s inspection and approval within a reasonable time after delivery. Buyer reserves the right to reject defective and non-conforming Products and return at Seller’s expense. Payment for the Products shall not be deemed acceptance. No Products returned to the Seller as defective or non-conforming shall be replaced except upon Buyer’s formal authorization.

10. Indemnity
Seller shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Buyer from and against all claims, liability, judgments, loss, damage, fees and expenses(including attorney’s fees) which Buyer may hereafter suffer itself or incur because of injury(including death) to any persons or damage to property arising out of any defect in the Products.
Seller shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Buyer from and against all claims, liability, judgments, fees and expenses arising from allegations or claims of infringement of the Products or their use upon any patents, copyrights or trademarks. Buyer agrees to give Seller prompt notice in writing of any such allegations or claim. Upon such notice, Seller shall, at its expense, either procure for Buyer or Buyer’s customer the right to continue using the Products, replace same with non-infringing Products or modify the products so they are non-infringing.

11. Compliance with Laws
By accepting the Purchase Order, Seller represents and warrants that the Products furnished may have been or will be manufactured and sold in compliance with all relevant Federal, State, and Local laws, ordinances and regulations. The Purchase Order and the performance of the parties hereunder shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Florida.

12. Electronic Purchase Order
Buyer and Seller agree that if the Purchase Order is transmitted electronically, neither Buyer nor Seller shall contest the validity of the Purchase Order on the basis that the Purchase Order contains an electronic signature.

13. Confidentiality/Proprietary Information
Information provided by Prime Power, Inc. (Prime Power) to Seller remains the property of Prime Power. Seller agrees to comply with the terms of any Proprietary Information Agreement with Prime Power and to comply with all proprietary information markings. Seller agrees not to use any Prime Power provided information for any purpose except to perform this Purchase Order and agrees not to disclose such information to third parties without the prior written consent of Prime Power.

Government Priority Rating
If the Purchase Order is identified as a DO or DX “rated Order” certified for national defense use under the Defense Priorities and Allocations Systems (DPAS) (15 CFR 700), then the Seller shall comply with all provisions of the Defense Priorities and Allocations Systems regulations (15 CFR 700).

Quality Control Requirements


1       Purpose

This document establishes basic Prime Power Inc. Quality Control requirements for the Prime Power Suppliers (Seller) necessary to ensure that the supplier/services purchased from the Seller meet the required quality levels.

2       Scope

This instruction applies to Prime Power Inc. procurement activities and Prime Power Suppliers.

3       Supplier Responsibility & Applicable Requirements

It is the Seller’s responsibility to comply with the requirements stated herein. Sellers are required to meet both the General requirements, Section 6, and the pertinent specific purchased product requirements section (one of sections 7 thru 12). The Section (paragraph) pertaining to these requirements are as follows:


Section 6 General Requirements Section 7 Electronic Components

Section 8 Sub-Assemblies (i.e. Magnetics assemblies, CCAs, etc.) Section 9 PWBs (PCBs)

Section 10 Custom Metal Fabricated Parts Section 11 Hardware & Wire

Section 12 Chemicals

4       Reference Documents

5       Definitions

Seller: means the vendor/supplier or distributor performing the work/supplying materials, parts assemblies, subassemblies, and systems or services pursuant to the purchase order.

Buyer: means Prime Power Inc. (subsequently referred to as P2), issuing the purchase order (physically or electronically) which invokes this document.

FOD:     Foreign Object Debris

ESD:     Electrostatic Discharge

MSL: Moisture Sensitivity Level. For all non-hermetic SMD packages subject to bulk solder reflow processes during PCB assembly, including plastic encapsulated or moisture permeable packages, a MSL number should be assigned indicating the part’s storage needs. Reference J-STD-020 and J-STD-033.

6       General Requirements

The general requirements described in this section apply to Sellers for all Purchase Orders.

6.1            Conflicting or Unclear Requirements

The supplier shall notify P2 buyer to resolve any unclear or conflicting requirement(s) in P2 Drawings, design data (i.e. Gerber or solid works data), or purchase order. This requirement includes any process incompatibility with specified design criteria. Supplier shall not proceed until clarification or resolution is obtained from P2.

Verification of revision status. For purchased product that must meet P2 specification, drawing, process requirement or verification instructions, the supplier shall verify the P2 specification or drawing revision matches the revision indicated in the PO

6.2            Change Notification Policy – Manufacturer Specified Product

When P2 procures from manufacturer with design authority (i.e. P2 procures to manufacturer’s data sheet (specification) or procures “off the shelf” standard product), the manufacturer shall notify P2 of design, process, material, supplier, or manufacturing facility changes that may affect “form, fit, function” or compatibility with next level processing including industry recognized soldering or cleaning processes.

6.3            No Change Policy – Prime Power Specified Product

For purchased items that must conform to P2 design data, (i.e. drawing, SCD, specification, Gerber or solid works data), including product manufactured from supplier assembly documentation developed from P2 design data; no change to design, processes or material shall be implemented by the supplier without written approval From Prime Power Inc.

6.4            Counterfeit Parts Prevention

All suppliers or distributors shall guard against the use of and delivery of “counterfeit” parts or components to P2. The supplier shall ensure that only new materials are used in products ultimately delivered to Prime Power Inc.

A “counterfeit” part is defined as: A suspect part or material that is found to be a copy or substitute without legal right or authority to do so or one whose material, performance, or characteristic are knowingly misrepresented by a supplier in the supply chain. Parts which have been refinished, up-screened or up-rated and have been identified as such are not considered counterfeit.

For product to be delivered to P2, the supplier shall only use components, parts and material directly from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or a Franchised Distributor of the OCM. Only the part manufacturer described in the part data sheet or specification shall be selected for delivery to P2. Any departure from the manufacturer called out in the part documentation shall require written approval from P2 prior to delivery.

In addition to certifying product delivered complies with purchasing order or agreements, a certificate of conformance establishing Traceability to the OCM or its Franchised Distributor shall accompany the shipment of electronic parts and assemblies with electronic parts to P2.

Electronic parts may not be purchased from Brokers (non-OCM or a non-Franchised Distributor of the OCM) without written consent from P2. Written consent will require testing verification that the non-OCM part proposed is equivalent to the part called out by the part data sheet or specification.

6.5            Supplier Quality System

The supplier’s quality system shall be appropriate to achieve specified product quality requirements as well as requirements not stated by P2 but necessary for intended use of the supplied product, where known. The supplier shall maintain a quality system that performs sufficient inspection and tests; as well as identify, control and prevent unintended use of nonconforming product ensuring product conforms to applicable drawings and specifications. Prime Power Inc. reserves the right to review supplier’s quality system by on-site surveillance.

6.6            Supplier Personnel Qualification

Qualification and training level of supplier personnel shall be appropriate to achieve product quality requirements as specified as well as non-stated requirements necessary for intended use of product. If applicable, specific personnel qualification requirements will be included in the purchase order or sub-contract.

6.7            Certificate of Conformance (C of C)

A certificate of conformance (C of C) must be delivered with each shipment. The C of C shall state the parts or material delivered comply with the requirements contained in the following, as applicable:

  • Purchase order,
  • Specification,
  • Drawing,
  • Supplier Data Sheet as mutually agreed between the supplier and

The C of C must also certify the components, parts or material delivered are in fact from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or the OCM’s Franchised Distributor identifying the Original Manufacturer as the source of the component, parts or material. When an OCM’s Franchised Distributor supplies the parts to P2, the Franchised Distributor’s C of C must also state the parts delivered are traceable to the Original Manufacturer. The C of C must be signed by someone, (typically in the supplier’s Quality Assurance department or someone designated by the supplier’s organization), authorized to certify compliance.

6.8            Hazardous Material

Components, parts and material delivered to P2 shall be free of compounds containing mercury, beryllium, cadmium, and chromium. The materials listed in Table A-1 of Appendix A, are banned from use in product delivered to P2. The materials listed in Table A-2 of Appendix A, are restricted and shall be disclosed to P2 prior to actual delivery. (See Appendix A)

6.9            Nonconformance Notification

The Seller shall notify the Buyer if there may be a nonconformance to form, fit, function, or issue with usability or reliability problem with product or material that has already been delivered. Seller shall not knowingly ship non- conforming material or product without written authorization from P2.

6.10         Failure Analysis and Corrective Action Requirement

The Seller agrees to conduct failure analysis, investigation of root cause and corrective action for parts, materials or assemblies delivered that have failed during P2 testing or failed at P2’s customer or field use. Seller shall provide timely replies to P2 Non-conforming Material Report (NCMR), Corrective Action Request (CAR), or Supplier or Outside Lab Failure Analysis Request (SOLFAR). Non-response or late responses will adversely affect the suppliers rating and may limit approval status for future business with Prime Power Inc.

6.11         Right of Access – Surveillance

The Buyer, customer, and regulatory agencies shall have the right of entry to Seller premises and access to applicable processes and areas of all facilities at any level of the supply chain to perform assessments necessary to ensure conformance to the requirements stated herein. The Buyer may conduct a survey and/or perform surveillance of the Seller’s quality control system to evaluate the degree of ability to comply with these and other applicable requirements

6.12         Seller Flow – Down Requirements

The Seller shall flow down to Seller’s sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements contained herein. These should include the same requirements required of the Seller by this document.

6.13         Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Prevention

All parts and materials intended for Buyer shall be delivered free of FOD. All supplied products or services must be of sufficient materials and workmanship to prevent formation of FOD at any future time.

6.14         Preservation and Packaging

All parts and material intended for Buyer shall be protected against the usual hazards of ESD, corrosion, contamination, deterioration, or other spoilage at the Seller’s facility and in transit. All material intended for Buyer shall be packed with suitable protection so as to prevent damage through handling, during storage at the Seller, in transit, and during   storage at Buyer’s facility before use. The Seller’s handling, preservation, packaging and delivery processes shall contain provisions to prevent FOD.

6.15         Shipping Method/Carrier

Seller shall use shipping method or carrier as stated in Purchase order. Seller departure from shipping method/carrier as stated in Purchase Order releases P2 (Buyer) from payment of shipping costs.

6.16        Control of Records

The Supplier shall retain objective written evidence of hardware conformance to Purchase Order requirements for each shipment. All such records are subject to review and/or audit by P2. The following shall be retained for a period of 10 years if it is generated during the build of the part(s):

  1. Inspection and test records used to determine item
  2. Reports/certifications of chemical and/or physical analysis/test records that assure conformance to applicable
  3. First Article Inspections/Tests (FAITs)
  4. Special process

Suppliers shall not destroy any of the records for P2 product defined above without giving P2 30 day’s prior notice

6.17        First Article Inspection/Test

When indicated on the Purchase Order, Seller shall perform First Article Inspection (FAI) and furnish a First Article Inspection Report, to include actual dimensions, characteristics, test results, and verification of drawing notes in accordance with the drawing and/or specifications required by the Purchase Order. Material certifications and any special process certifications shall be submitted as part of the FAI documentation package. A copy of the FAI Report is to be included in the shipment and all first article pieces shall be identified as such in the shipment to P2.

6.18        Obsolescence

Seller notify P2 at such time seller becomes aware of a manufacturer’s plans to discontinue component(s). Notification shall include recommendations of alternate parts if available and last buy timeline(s).

6.19        Electrostatic Control Plan

Suppliers providing static sensitive items, or performing a service to static sensitive items must take necessary precautions to ensure these items are protected from electrostatic charges. Additionally, suppliers are required to have an ESD Control Program available for review. It is recommended the ESD Control Program follow the guidelines of MIL-HDBK-263 (ESD Control Handbook for Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts) or ANSI/ESD S20.20 (Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts, Assemblies and Equipment).

7       Electronic Components

Resistors, capacitors, ICs, diodes, transistors, optocoupler, PWMs, controllers, FETs, transorbs, LEDs, fuses connectors, electrical contacts & pins, solid state relays, etc.

7.1                 Plating & Tin finishes – Tin Whisker mitigation

When tin-plating with no lead (Pb) is used, only Matte-tin finish, preferably with a nickel underplate is allowed. In the matte tin finish there shall not be bright tin and no brighteners shall be used. When P2 drawing is specified, the finish requirement specified on the P2 Drawing takes precedence.

7.2                 Solderability

Solderability is the ability of a metal to be wetted (wetted: formation of a relatively uniform, smooth, unbroken and adherent film of solder to a basis metal) by molten solder.

The to-be-soldered-to surfaces of product delivered to Prime Power Inc. such as components, discrete devices, sub-assemblies, transformers, inductors and PWBs, shall be able to meet appropriate solderability testing as specified in J-STD-002 Category 3.

7.3                 Traceability (Date Codes/Lot Numbers)

The Seller shall provide date of manufacture date code(s) and, if applicable, lot numbers on the Seller’s

component body (when feasible), packing slip, reel, container or packaging.

7.4                 Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL):

For all non-hermetic SMD packages subject to bulk solder reflow processes during PCB assembly, including plastic encapsulated or moisture permeable packages, when the MSL number for the part is known by the Seller, P2 requests the MSL number be indicated on the reels, packing slip, or packaging container.

8       Sub-assemblies

Transformers, Inductors, chokes, coil/core assemblies, Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs), pin header assemblies, relay assemblies, connector assemblies, filter assemblies.

8.1            Soldering Assemblies – Tin Whisker Mitigation

When soldering assemblies such as circuit card, magnetic, or filter assemblies to be delivered to Prime Power Inc., tin/lead solder with Pb content greater than 3% shall be used. Lead free solder shall not be used.

8.2            Solderability

Solderability is the ability of a metal to be wetted (wetted: formation of a relatively uniform, smooth, unbroken and adherent film of solder to a basis metal) by molten solder.

The to-be-soldered-to surfaces of product delivered to Prime Power Inc. such as components, discrete devices, sub-assemblies, transformers, inductors and PWBs, shall be able to meet appropriate solderability testing as specified in J-STD-002 Category 3.

8.3            Soldering Acceptance Criteria

Soldered assemblies (e.g. Magnetics, Circuit Card Assemblies, connector assemblies, etc.) shall meet the acceptance criteria of IPC-A-610 Class 3.

8.4            Age Control

The Seller shall maintain a system for age control items where acceptability or usability of the item is limited by maximum age. The system shall include a method of identifying and controlling such items.

9       Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs, PWBs)

Printed circuit boards, printed wiring boards, “metal” PWBs, coil boards.

9.1            PWB Design Requirement

PWBs shall be designed to meet the requirements of IPC-2221 Class 3, Level C

9.2            PCB Fabrication Requirement

For rigid printed wiring boards the qualification and performance requirements shall meet the requirements of IPC-6012 class 3. Where the requirements of IPC-6012 class 3 cannot be met, the PWB supplier shall obtain written approval from P2 to depart from these requirements

9.3            Thru-hole Copper Plating Thickness

On all thru-holes with plating, the copper plating thickness shall be greater than 0.0010 inch.

9.4            PWB Thickness and Condition

Overall thickness includes all plating and is measured from metal to metal. Remove all burrs and break sharp edges.

9.5            Cross-section / micro-section

PWB supplier shall retain coupon cross-section/micro-section examination data and results for a minimum of 5 years. For each lot delivered the PWB supplier shall provide the laboratory cross section analysis report that shows the actual dimensions or as applicable, acceptability statement to the IPC-6010 applicable requirements (IPC-6012 thru for the Micro sectioned coupons. Additionally the PWB supplier shall also provide the cross sectioned coupon identified to the part number and lot number of the PWB fabricated.

Upon Buyer request, PWB seller shall be able to provide a cross section / micro section of a PWB taken from an area of the board (not the panel) for use in evaluation and analysis for the inner layer structure.

During Micro section coupon examination, nonconformance’s (rejections) shall be annotated on the data and the PWBs containing the nonconformances shall not be delivered without written approval form P2. PWB supplier shall not accept verbal directions from P2 to depart from requirements of the applicable drawings and its specification call outs or references (e.g. IPC 6012)

9.6            PWB Conductor Width

The finished PWB conductor widths shall meet the P2 design data (drawing or gerber data).

9.7            PWB Inner layer thickness

The finished PWB inner layer dielectric thickness shall meet P2 design data (Gerber data and Drawing).

10    Custom Metal Fabricated Parts

Chassis, base plates, heat sinks, covers, enclosures, customer assembly tools and fixtures.

10.1              Burrs and sharp edges

Fabricated parts shall be free of all burrs and sharp edges.

10.2              Helical Wire Insert Requirements

When using tanged helical wire inserts, after installation of the helical wire insert the tang must be removed. Tangs left inside can be a source of FOD and/or cause interference when installing screws.

10.3              Cleanliness

Parts shall be cleaned adequately to remove any visual evidence of residues or contaminants.

All surfaces shall be free of contaminants introduced during deburring, polishing or other processing.

11    Hardware & Wire

Screws nuts, bolts, bobbins, insulation/sleeving, spacers, wire.

11.1              Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals

Compliance to Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS) 252.225-7014, Alt 1, is required for this purchase order or any delivery to P2 of product containing “Specialty Metals” as defined by DFAR 252.225-7014, Alt 1. This requirement, DFARS 252.225-7014, Alt 1; must be flowed down into subcontracts and purchase orders at every tier. Seller shall not knowingly ship non-DFARS conforming material or product without written authorization from Prime Power Inc.

12    Chemicals

Adhesives, Coatings, Encapsulates, epoxies, bonding/staking material, solvents, alcohol, cleaning agents, chromate coatings, etc.

12.1         Shelf Life – Age Controlled Material

The supplier shall identify all materials that have definite characteristics of quality degradation with age and/or environment. The supplier shall affix this information directly on the material container and include it on the certification (C of C) document. This information shall indicate the date useful life was initiated and the date at which life will be expended. When environment is a factor in determining useful life, the identification shall include storage conditions or requirements. A minimum of 75% of the applicable shelf life shall remain upon receipt of the material by P2 or the material is subject to rejection and return to the supplier for replacement.

12.2         PentaBDE and OctaBDE

Products delivered to P2. shall not contain concentrations of Pentabromodiphenyl ether (PentaBDE) or Octabromodiphenyl ether (OctaBDE) higher than 0.1% by mass. The supplier shall disclose to P2 the existence of these materials contained in the product prior to actual delivery.

12.3         European Union Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Listed Materials

Products delivered to P2. shall not contain materials listed in the European Union (EU) Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) in concentrations beyond allowable deminimus amounts including 0.1% by weight in homogeneous materials for lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and 0.01% by weight in homogeneous materials for cadmium.

Homogeneous material means a material that can not be mechanically disjointed into different materials. This requirement applies to all materials listed in the EU directive as amended.

12.4         European Union Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

Unless explicitly described in purchase order, the following requirement does not apply to solder or soldered assemblies. Products delivered to P2. shall not contain materials identified as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) by the European Chemicals Agency pursuant to EU Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 in concentrations above 0.1% by weight in homogeneous materials. Because of the evolving nature of that regulation, suppliers are advised to consult the current SVHC list at www.echa.europa.eu.



Appendix A

Table A-1 Unallowable (banned) Materials

Hazardous Material Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Number
1,1,1-Trichloroethane (Methyl Chloroform) 71-55-6
1,4-Dioxane 123-91-1
2-Aminonaphthalene 91-59-8
2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid 94-75-7
2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid 93-76-5
Acetaldehyde 75-07-0
Acrylonitrile 107-13-1
Anthracene* 120-12-7
Arsenic and Arsenic Compounds 7440-38-2 & Various
Asbestos (all forms) Various
Benzene 71-43-2
Benzidine 92-87-5
Cadmium and Cadmium Compounds† 7440-43-9
Carbon Tetrachloride 56-23-5
Chlorodiphenyls 11097-69-1, 53469-21-9
Chloroform 67-66-3
Class 1 Ozone Depleting Compounds (i.e. CFCs, HCFCs, etc.) Various
Cyanides 57-12-5 and Various
Dichloro –Diphenyl –Trichloroethane (DDT) 50-29-3
Dimethylaminoazobenzene 60-11-7
Ethylene Glycol 107-21-1
Ethylene Oxide 75-21-8
Formaldehyde 50-00-0
Hexabromocyclododecane (including isomers)* 3194-55-6 and Various
Hydrazine 302-01-2
Hydrofluoric Acid 7664-30-3
Halons (multiple forms) Various
Iron Carbonyl 13463-40-6
Mercury and Mercury Compounds† 7439-97-6
Methyl Bromide 74-83-9
Methylene bis (2-Chloroaniline) 101-14-4
Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane) 75-09-2
Naphthalene 91-20-3
Nickel Carbonyl 13463-39-3
Pentachlorophenol 87-86-5
Picric Acid 88-89-1
Phenol 108-95-2
Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB)† Various
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) 1336-36-3
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE)† Various
Sodium Dichromate* 10588-01-9
Tetrachloromethane 56-23-5
Trichloroethylene (TCE) 79-01-6
Bis (tributyltin) oxide* 56-35-9
Vinyl Acetate 108-05-4
Vinyl Bromide 593-60-2
Vinyl Chloride 75-01-4 


Table A-2 Restricted Materials (must disclose to Prime Power inc)

1,2-Dichloroethane 75-34-3
2-Ethoxyethanol 110-80-5
2-Methoxyethanol 109-86-4
2-Nitropropane 79-46-9
4,4-Dimethylaniline 121-69-7
4,4-Methylenedianiline (MDA)* 101-77-9
4-Nitrosodiphenylamine 156-10-5
Alkanes, Chlorinated Paraffins* Various
Anhydrous Ammonia 7664-41-7
Barium and Barium Compounds 7440-39-3
Benzyl Butyl Phthalate* 85-68-7
Beryllium and Beryllium Compounds (1) 7440-41-7
Bromine and Bromine Compounds 7726-95-6
Calcium Hypochlorite 7778-54-3
Carbon Disulfide 75-15-0
Catechol 120-80-9
Chlorine 7782-50-5
Chromium and Chromium Compounds 7440-47-3 & 1333-82-0 & Various
Cobalt Dichloride* 7646-79-9
Crystalline Silica 14464-46-1
Dibutyl Phthalate* 84-74-2
Dioctyl Phthalate* 117-81-7
Ethyleneimine 151-56-4
Hexachlorobenzene 118-74-1
Hexavalent Chromium† Various
Hydrochloric Acid 7647-01-0
Lead and Lead Compounds (3)† Various
Lithium and Lithium Compounds Various
Man-made Vitreous Fibers (MMVFs) Various
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone 108-10-1
Isocyanates (multiple forms) Various
Nitric Acid 7697-37-2
Nickel and Nickel Compounds (2) 7440-02-0 & Various
Perfluorocarbons Various
Propylene Oxide 75-56-9
Pyridine 110-86-1
Selenium and Selenium Compounds 7782-49-2
Silver and Silver Compounds (3) 7440-22-4
Styrene 100-42-5
Sulfur Hexafluoride 2551-62-4
Sulfuric Acid 7664-93-9
Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene) 127-18-4
Toluene 108-88-3
Trichloroisocyanuric Acid 87-90-1

*Listed in EU REACH Regulation, see section 12.4 above

†Listed in EU RoHS Directive, see section 12.3 above Note (1): Except in alloy form with less than 5% Beryllium Note (2): Except in alloy form

Note (3): Except in solder