Local Representatives For Prime Power, Inc.

Contact Our Local Representatives For Prime Power’s Military, Industrial, Commercial & Ruggedized Power Supplies and Power Converters.


  Local Representative

Long Island

Upstate NY

New Jersey

Jim Pomarico
D.A Fisher Associates, LLC
Phone: 1-631-271-5300
E-Mail: JPomarico@SigmaSalesCorp.com

North Carolina

South Carolina




Mark Waite
P.A Fisher Associates, LLC
Phone: 1-863-242-6603
Fax: 1-919-465-3435
E-Mail: MJW1740@Gmail.com

New England Prime Power, INC
Phone: 1-603-329-4675
E-Mail: Sales@prime-power.com

Texas Mark Seilkop
Texas Industrial Sales
Phone: 1-281-41-4185
E-Mail: Mark@txindustrialsales.com

India KS Narayana
Arihat Electricals
Phone: 1+91 1147637300

Switzerland, Germany, Austria Sebastiano Leggio
Phone: 1+41 44 8773504
Fax: 1+41 44 8773525
E-Mail: sebastiano.leggio@pewatron.com

Canada Bill Rajantie
Phone: 1-226-383-4500
Fax: 1-226-383-4503
E-Mail: Bill@Norgay.com

Australia, New Zeland David Ally
Allyanz pty, LTD
Phone: 1+61-3-9759-5949
Fax: 1+61-3-9759-7859

Israel Peter Lampel
EuroBiz Group Israel, LTD
Phone: 1+972-8-9477005
Fax: 1+972-153-8-9477005
E-Mail: Peter@EuroBizGroup.com

Taiwan  James Chen
Defence Security Supply
Phone: 1+886-2-2690 2318
Fax: 1+886-2-2690-2378
E-Mail: DSS@DSS.tw


Become A Local Representative For Prime Power, Inc.

Represent An Award-Winning Manufacturer Of Off-The-Shelf & Custom Power Supplies.

How often do your customers complain about power supplies that won’t fit in their application? That it takes too long to get a custom power supply prototype? That the technical support people at the manufacturer just aren’t knowledgeable enough about their industry?

How would you like to represent a power supply manufacturer who has an award-winning track record in developing, manufacturing and marketing DC/DC converters and AC/DC power supplies for the Military, Telecommunications and Hi-Reliability marketplaces since 1991? And where our technical personnel are the best in the industry.

At Prime Power, Inc., we’re seeking highly energetic representatives to promote our extensive line of power supplies and power converters.

Call us today at 1-603-329-4675 or contact us at sales@prime-power.com. Please include your line card and major customer list.